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Reduce the volume of imports of stainless pipe and increases the purchases of flat-rolled

29 November 2012
Reduce the volume of imports of stainless pipe and increases the purchases of flat-rolled

According to customs statistics of the Russian Federation,

the volume of imports of stainless steel pipes is reduced. At the same

time, the number of flat metal stainless, imported into the territory of the state,


In particular, in the past month (compared to

the September figures) indicators of import to Russia of electric-welded pipes from

stainless steel has declined nearly 30%. Even more significant regression

indicators for seamless pipe (-50% to September).

In parallel with the negative dynamics of the pipes,

analysts of the Russian market of metals celebrate the revival of demand in the remaining

the types of stainless steel imported. So the volume of foreign

supply of flat products of corrosion-resistant varieties of metal increased

October by 23.5% in comparison with last month. Less sharp «jump»

figures showed the sector rolled ahead of the September

indicators 18%. But the volume of imports of stainless steel wire made

very noticeable «jerk» in October in Russia has imported this production is 133% more

than in the previous month.

Experts working on the steel market in Russia,

I believe that the growing interest of local buyers to stainless metal foreign

production (+15.8% in October throughout the segment), a phenomenon predictable and

expected. The opposite behavior of pipes made of stainless steel is

just an echo of the introduction of import quotas, which replaced the earlier

in Russia anti-dumping duties.

28 November 2012
30 November 2012